J.T.'s #1 Dedicated Fan I know

Muriel Strasunas

The greatest tribute one can have is how others respect and love them for not only what they have accomplished, but for the person they are. When it comes to J.T.'s work, Muriel is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge. I do not know anyone who could more accurately say the facts the way they are about J.T.'s work, or who would defend him and the work he did, to the last ounce of life as Muriel. I was lucky to meet Muriel here in California, and found her to be a witty, intelligent, common sense beautiful woman who maintains an undying loyalty to the work my late friend J.T. accomplished or was doing. And so to the one I can only call J.T.'s #1 fan in the world, here's to Muriel for her contributions to J.T. history and those who will visit. From us all, thank you Muriel.

Sincerely...."Mark Paul" Sebar

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